Luxurious and elegant external pillar in cast aged brass, equipped with a faucet in 3 different design, and two colors (natural aged brass, black).

The pillar comes with all accessories to be connected to your water supply.

Made entirely out aged cast brass, this robust pillar will naturally invite your to your terrace or in the heart of your garden.

Simply connect your Wavena mobile pillar to your garden hose with the standard connector at the base of your Wavena pillar and enjoy water wherever you want it.

Just click your garden hose to the standard quick connection at the base of your Wavena and enjoy water in your garden, wherever you want… (if you fix your Wavena in the ground, you will need a PIN ; if you fix your Wavena on your terrace or hard surface, you do not need anything) . You will find the PIN as an option in the catalog.

For other situations with an existing connection to the water (wall connection or connection out of the floor, contact us). Wavena is a professional collection, with a solution for every situation.