Elegance meets Durability

Inspiring with the finest designs for more than 20 years

Terracotta D’arte has been established in 1996 arising from a passion to outdoor/indoor decoration made from noble materials.

The company specializes in the import of only the most exclusive collections from Italy for the Benelux. We work with several qualitative, environmental friendly materials: Tuscany Terracotta-copper-zinc-corten steel and stainless steel.

Our devotion to high quality standards, rarity and professional services has placed Terracotta among the leaders in the market.

We are proud to own a warehouse filled with the majority of requested articles, enabling us to meet short term deliveries despite a lengthy production process of our collection. Our showroom as well as our warehouse located in Belgium are open on request.


Corten Steel and Stainless Steel

Designed and produced in Belgium

Using the best quality of Corten Steel, we deliver the collection already rusted. If requested, planters can be delivered with a natural isolation which guarantees a long life to the plants during the winter season and in warmer countries.

Stainless Steel, is a cold rolled steel sheet which is applied through an electrolytical procedure and sticks to its base material. The zinc coating protects the steel sheet from corrosion and can be produced in all RAL colors.

Copper and Zinc

The Timeless materials

Besides their aesthetic value and durability, the magnificent duo offers an attractive range of colors. Adapting to its surrounding. Copper develops a stunning patina giving the planters/fountains an ageless character. Copper has been a metal of choice by being well-known for becoming more beautiful over time.

Zinc in turn, embraces a lovely light grey patina when placed outdoors. Both zinc and copper are low maintenance, non-toxic and eco-friendly materials.


Beautifully handcrafted Tuscany Terracotta

The collection is available in classic (red classical patina), in grigio (taupse patina), and in nero (black patina). All the measures in the catalogue are external measures, sides included. All the articles are branded with the signature and are frost resistant with a written guarantee.