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Dedicated to timeless classics that enrich gardens and terraces for 25 years.


Terracotta D’Arte was born in 1996, from the desire to offer exterior and interior decoration objects in noble, timeless and durable materials.

Time passes, however our mission remains the same: we only work with traditional and qualitative materials: Tuscany Terracotta, Copper, and Steel.


Our company is based in Belgium and is devoted to providing excellent service to our customers. Despite long manufacturing processes of our collections, we have in stock the most requested objects in order to be able to respond to pressing orders. 

Tuscany Terracotta

Since 1996, we have been defending real materials, living materials, to offer timeless objects which, as time goes by, become objects that we hold dear, that are part of nature and our life.


Surely, we evolve and offer new models, to meet the requirements of the changing landscape of architecture. However, we maintain our soul, our vision, and our ethics, without surfing all the temporary modes that come and go.


Letting go of futile objects, to surround yourself with beautiful objects that speak to us, that make us happy and that gradually become part of our existence, that is our philosophy. And it became a philosophy of life, a philosophy that we would like to share with you.

With each object in our Tuscany Terracotta collection, you experience the most fundamental element: THE EARTH. In our collection, this earth is alive and speaks to us.


You may notice fingerprints on your pot. The man, who has shaped the pot by hands, contains in the palm of his hands the minerals that the clay has gifted him with. His imprints will sometimes be found on the pot.


If you touch a pot, you feel the roughness of the earth, its texture, its strength. If you look at it, you see all the nuances of this earth, and you see tiny stones contained in the clay, which make our collection extremely resistant. Our earth is resistant to frost, (down to -35 ° C), salts and erosion, and so are our pots. Each object in our collection is a timeless object, which brings our balconies, terraces and gardens to life throughout the year.


Our mission is to present to you both traditional models, but also more contemporary forms, new patinas, which follow the requirements of modern architecture. This is what we try to do every day, our best; for almost 25 years.

Traditional metals, such as copper, corten steel and stainless steel, have been used in architecture for centuries, and also allow us to develop durable and timeless objects.


These materials are alive and their patina adapt and evolve with time. They require little or no maintenance and blend in with nature by bringing their presence to it. Here too, we offer a current, diverse collection.

Corten Steel, Stainless Steel and Copper

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