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Our Tuscany Terracotta is the result of the interaction between raw elements that embody life: earth, water, air, fire, space, and the man.

Earth. The «Terraforte » ® clay is unique in this world. Rough, impossible to tame mechanically, rebellious. Once touched by human hands it becomes the most beautiful terracotta in the world, full of nuances and life, known for being extremely resistant.

Water. Water is added to crushed and powdered stones to form clay as well as non-toxic mineral pigments to shift from the traditional orange/red patina to other patinas.

Air. The drying of the objects before being cooked is delicate, time-consuming and cannot be brought to life solely by a craftsman’s touch. It depends on many factors including temperature and humidity. Our clay is capricious: its volume reduces by 10% during the drying process.

Fire. Our pottery stays in the oven for 1 week. They are cooked at the maximum temperature that the material can resist which ensures their resistance to frost and erosion. Our material is resistant yet not porous which allows us to shape it into fountains.

And the man. The craftsman needs an incredible know-how, an endless patience and a flawless passion to respect and work this earth, to shape these often large objects, and to accept with humility that the earth remains the master of the art.

8 to 12 weeks pass between the moment the craftsman shapes the object by applying the clay by hand in the mold, and the moment the object is removed from the oven. 


Our terracotta is a subtile mix from centuries of traditional work and our modern designs. Our pots are frost and salt resistant. The only way we work with our clay is with hands. The human hand is omnipresent and cannot be replaced by any machine, computer or modelling.

By adding natural and above all non-toxic mineral pigments to the fresh clay, we have created new patinas. These added pigments are not toxic, neither before their use, nor during, nor after.

Our collection is available in 3 patinas:

classico (red traditional Tuscany patina without any pigments);

grigio (taupe/brown/grey patina; a lovely warm and earthly patina);
nero (a modern black patina obtained by applying mineral oxydes on a grigio planter before entering the oven).

Our models are available in sizes S to XXL, enough to organise your space all year round and for life.


Besides its aesthetic value and durability, the metal offers an attractive range of colours offering you a large collection of indoor / outdoor fountains.


Adapting to its surrounding. Copper develops a stunning patina giving the planters/fountains an ageless character. It will take on a “green” patina by the sea, reacting with the salt in the air, and it will become darker elsewhere in the country.

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